Come closer, I have something to tell you.

In revealing who I was to myself, there was no place, or reason, to hide. Even now it is so powerful because in some weird inverse law the moment I firmly grasped the truth of it, I simply let it go.

so you’re a gay?

If something is illegal in one country, but legal in another, and you are a citizen of neither, is the correct approach at the port of entry to a.) stone yourself to death and not bother the authorities b.) claim ignorance or c.) pretend to be deaf and honk like a goose?

Holy Moly

Just┬áremembered the premise for Indecent Proposal, and was wondering what I would do for a million dollars. The mind boggles considering what I’ve done for free.

please sir, can I have some more?

If I’m going to gain weight why can’t I choose where? (I can see the headlines, “Man gains 6kg on his penis”) if this continues nothing will take me out – not even the tide.