dating myth #25

If I hear one more song about loving someone “forever”, I will consider proving that “forever” can in fact be abruptly ended with a blunt instrument to the head. This awful myth has spread to the general populace and is now bandied about ad nauseam. Forever does not exist.  At best you get a “good innings”, but mostly you get a “great start” followed by … Continue reading dating myth #25

more dating trivia

The Goldilocks Zone is the distance a planet must be from a star for conditions to be “just right” for life to occur – so not too hot, and not too cold. In dating terms the Goldilocks zone is a narrow band caught between the “Psycho Magnetosphere” and “Belt of Cretan”. Interestingly enough, life in this G-Zone is often obliterated by the solar wind, which … Continue reading more dating trivia