Looking back now with the benefit of light years distance in spacetime, it feels like that homosexual hotbox stands more as a general PSA advert for not doing drugs. And that fat line of cat (a substance from the methadrone family for the science nerds) is also very likely not going to “make it all better” as I have apparently claimed while hoovering it up with a rolled fifty. But live and learn. Continue reading THE WEDDING

Addicted to identity

Think of identity as a political revolutionary movement. It’s existence is necessary for it to challenge or topple the status quo. It is the vital catalyst for enacting this change. However, the very process of maintaining an identity is predicated on maintaining its uniqueness – shared identity of the ingroup is what binds together, and it is maintained by emphasising outgroup difference and separateness. What happens to the revolutionary when they start to win the revolution? An identity’s very existence is dependent on seeking out the differences. Identity unites the tribe in a powerful socially cohesive way, and yet, in creating a tribe it sets itself apart and, often, as exclusive and combative.
If it is the basis of “us” and “them”, then it serves only to divide. Continue reading Addicted to identity

Football’s Fan Revolutionary.

Robbie “AFTV” Lyle. One man’s fan-led football revolution is disrupting the status quo. Robbie Lyle started AFTV almost seven years ago. It was a simple idea, he approached ordinary fans as they emptied out of the stadium to get their authentic opinions on his beloved club Arsenal. He has never looked back. In fact, the story of one Google exec’s comment has become apocryphal, “It … Continue reading Football’s Fan Revolutionary.

Pandemic Diaries #3

#Day3 of Khalid Shawwa and my self-imposed isolation. I have decided to return to Facebook while the Corona curve ramps up and post (probably more inane, useless musings to join the turd maelstrom that is social media today) as I feel we are in part social experiment, part apocalypse movie, part sitcom. So, things I have learnt so far: 1.) Instead of doing less work, I am … Continue reading Pandemic Diaries #3