A family of Indian Myna’s have moved into the chimney of my fireplace (these are birds, not under-age or underground workers from Bombay). If I turn it on, its going to be like a Nando’s cook-up. It sounds like they’re sub-dividing and building a Tuscan villa, but they’re getting the grace of summer. Come winter and a plume of smoke will signal their forced removal or baked Myna casserole. Continue reading Minors

the joy of being a foreigner

My waitress said what I ate was “guru”. I double checked. I would apologise to anyone missing their guru this morning, but he must have been a very young guru cos he was soft and tender – perhaps a baby guru? I would look for guidance on this delicate matter, but explaining there was a guru in my soup would just be awkward. However, if you’re interested, guru is best served hot with a little chilli on the side. Continue reading the joy of being a foreigner