Towards a creative singularity

Let me challenge YOU to start telling a different story. A story that is also true, but in the very telling, shapes a wholly different world to look forward to.

The Internet ate my brain.

Have you recently looked up from your phone and had the dumb? It has become essential that we manage our attention when it comes to our digital drug of choice.

It’s Just Media.

Fear motivates only the worst kind of action or inaction, and it is a collective horror pedalled by every media outlet both liberal and conservative. So we need to ask only one question. What can I do?

A letter to remember

The video uses real suicide letters and the haunting music of the song “The Patient” to focus on the interior life of people who are prepared to commit suicide. The video has been adopted by the Samaritans to try and help raise money for those who are in danger of taking their lives.

A word from the dentist’s waiting room

After reading Hello magazine at the dentist I now understand why everyone should definitely not have their 15 minutes of fame – suddenly we are faced with the nauseating pictures of their wedding and – lets face it – hideously ugly babies. Now I understand why some animals eat their young. I guess we should…

Holy Moly

Just remembered the premise for Indecent Proposal, and was wondering what I would do for a million dollars. The mind boggles considering what I’ve done for free.