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The Goldilocks Zone is the distance a planet must be from a star for conditions to be “just right” for life to occur – so not too hot, and not too cold. In dating terms the Goldilocks zone is a narrow band caught between the “Psycho Magnetosphere” and “Belt of Cretan”. Interestingly enough, life in this G-Zone is often obliterated by the solar wind, which is basically charged particles of crazy. Continue reading more dating trivia

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I am annoyed by the recovery definition of insanity… which goes along the lines of ‘insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results’. No people. Insanity is thinking you are the King of Bahrain or a flying gem squash. Insanity is stepping into traffic and casting a spell to stop a fully loaded London bus on Oxford street. Otherwise the line would be, “I date, therefore I am insane”. Continue reading more dating

#StarWars – a true story

I was comparing notes on dating with one of my other personalities, and I realised how much I had changed. When I was young (and i will use the Star Wars metaphor here) I wanted Princess Leia, would have settled for Han Solo, and ended up with Chewbacca. Now I want a Wookie, would settle on going solo, but end up with a princess. And I thought the force was strong with me? Continue reading #StarWars – a true story