Addicted to identity

Think of identity as a political revolutionary movement. It’s existence is necessary for it to challenge or topple the status quo. It is the vital catalyst for enacting this change. However, the very process of maintaining an identity is predicated on maintaining its uniqueness – shared identity of the ingroup is what binds together, and it is maintained by emphasising outgroup difference and separateness. What happens to the revolutionary when they start to win the revolution? An identity’s very existence is dependent on seeking out the differences. Identity unites the tribe in a powerful socially cohesive way, and yet, in creating a tribe it sets itself apart and, often, as exclusive and combative.
If it is the basis of “us” and “them”, then it serves only to divide. Continue reading Addicted to identity

An Immersive Media junkie.

Immersive Media is about creating story-experiences. The title itself is pretty self-explanatory. Does your content – whether it’s TV, online, gaming or live – allow your audience to be subsumed into it? For the most part the buzz around 360, transmedia, cross-platform and convergence (which are all immersive media) focusses on using multiple channels to reach out and engage. The misconception is that if you have hit your audience with every media platform at your disposal, then you have done your part. However, the reality is that actually succeeding at this kind of content is a little more complex. Continue reading An Immersive Media junkie.