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Stormtrooper minifigure walking on the sand

#StarWars – a true story

Peering back into the archive from dating over the decades, it's amazing how much I have changed. When I was ...

blue orange green and yellow plastic toy

dating myth #25

If I hear one more song about loving someone "forever", I will consider proving that "forever" can in fact be ...

Digest this.

I am in a quandary. The only thing I am sure of is that if someone offers me advice about ...

A virgin what?

Suicide bombers get to have 72 virgins after their explosive deaths. That's pretty non-specific if you think about it. They ...

this shallow dating pool

It is staggering that people cheat, and not because I can't fathom the reasons behind it, but because it means ...


I keep getting told that the right person will come along, but what if mine got run over?

last call

I have finally hit dating Defcon 1.  Frankly I'd take home one of the face-hugger aliens that burst out your ...

Lets put the laughter back in manslaughter.

more dating trivia

The Goldilocks Zone is the distance a planet must be from a star for conditions to be "just right" for ...

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Hello! I am Brett, aka the MadDwarf. The name is a reference to me being a short, stocky, and rather disgruntled human which is a fairly accurate summation.


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