Think on the happiness of this.

Fantastic new research from University of Rochester shows that extrinsic rewards (money, cars, stuff) basically makes us more depressed – it’s called “hedonic adaption”. The research quotes that those focused on the “American dream” are basically the most miserable of all. Happiness = hard, meaningful work on self and social bonds. Either that or poor…


The lesson I have learnt from young children is: why be difficult when, with a little effort, you can be impossible.


All this talk about muscle memory, but you think your fat forgets?

Sunday blues

I don’t have a dog, which means for any kind of valid excuse i basically have to eat my own homework

if only.

I want employees that are like my beard. In the morning you wake up and the work is done


My ex and I split over religious differences, he was Catholic and I was Satan.

end it all now!

There are moments where I have made the kind of blunder that is so spectacular that embarrassment moves to an altogether higher plane. I have rubbed a growing tummy to discover that it is in fact fat and not a baby, I have shaken the hands of the waiter and ordered a drink from my…

A virgin what?

Suicide bombers get to have 72 virgins after their explosive deaths. That’s pretty non-specific if you think about it. They could get 72 acne covered, world-of-warcraft techno-geeks; but then again, that’s a pretty just reward for being a suicide bomber.

this shallow dating pool

It is staggering that people cheat, and not because I can’t fathom the reasons behind it, but because it means they found multiple romantic options! Where? I feel like I’ve contracted a more chronic and terminal variant of singledom. And lets face it, I had fairly low standards to begin with.

the Science of Poor

I read a quote from one of the Gucci family who said she’d rather be crying in her Rolls Royce than laughing on her bicycle. Now I realise that money can’t buy you happiness, but I’m also well aware that poverty can’t afford it either. So if anyone can lend me their Rolls, I’d like…


My shrink says I’m a narcissist, which is ironic and irritating because I have to pay him to talk about me constantly for an hour – at those rates, surely he could make up nicer things to say?

Udder confusion

Put a pair of hardy leather boots through a rainstorm and they are ruined. But cows wander freely in the rain and don’t fall apart? What’s that about?