Think on the happiness of this.

Fantastic new research from University of Rochester shows that extrinsic rewards (money, cars, stuff) basically makes us more depressed – it’s called “hedonic adaption”. The research quotes that those focused on the “American dream” are basically the most miserable of all. Happiness = hard, meaningful work on self and social bonds. Either that or poor people are sponsoring the research. Continue reading Think on the happiness of this.

end it all now!

There are moments where I have made the kind of blunder that is so spectacular that embarrassment moves to an altogether higher plane. I have rubbed a growing tummy to discover that it is in fact fat and not a baby, I have shaken the hands of the waiter and ordered a drink from my client, I have pulled a modem out of the wall to prevent a certain email from ever leaving my pc. Some days Alzheimers seems a blessing Continue reading end it all now!