Brett Lotriet Best

Brett Lotriet Best

No stupid people beyond this point LED signage

Yay for stupid!

I have just read an article on a woman who reported to the police that she had been been 'burnt'...

Stormtrooper minifigure walking on the sand

#StarWars – a true story

Peering back into the archive from dating over the decades, it's amazing how much I have changed. When I was...

person in white shoes standing on gray concrete road

Think on the happiness of this….

Fantastic new research from University of Rochester shows that extrinsic rewards (money, cars, stuff) basically makes us more depressed -...



The lesson I have learnt from young children is: why be difficult when, with a little effort, you can be...

red and white UNKs restaurant

Pandemic Diaries #3

#Day3 of Khalid Shawwa and my self-imposed isolation. I have decided to return to Facebook while the Corona curve ramps up and...

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Brett Lotriet Best

Welcome to the MadDwarf Blog.
Hello! I am Brett, aka the MadDwarf. The name is a reference to me being a short, stocky, and rather disgruntled human which is a fairly accurate summation.

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