Welcome to my Blog.  What’s it about?

Mostly it’s about the incredibly exciting world of Immersive Media – an umbrella term that looks at how to create content that can drive audience behaviour and ratings using the psychological principles of Flow, inducing Awe and creating meaning & purpose.   Of course, you can go and see what I do for a living at my website here EdenRage Media, the content engineers, and see how it all ends up.

This is also the spot where I am turning my personal stuff – from life, the universe and love of aubergines (all under the title SHORTS) – into projects that will hopefully leave the world in slightly better shape than we found it.

Mostly this Blog is about making people laugh at what can only be described as a bewilderingly incomprehensible sequence of events that I am told is the final, and only, performance of this thing called life.

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