Think on the happiness of this….

Fantastic new research from University of Rochester shows that extrinsic rewards (money, cars, stuff) basically makes us more depressed – it’s called “hedonic adaption”. The research quotes that those focused on the “American dream” are basically the most miserable of all. Happiness = hard, meaningful work on self and social bonds. Either that or poor people are sponsoring the research. Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash Continue reading Think on the happiness of this….

Pandemic Diaries #3

#Day3 of Khalid Shawwa and my self-imposed isolation. I have decided to return to Facebook while the Corona curve ramps up and post (probably more inane, useless musings to join the turd maelstrom that is social media today) as I feel we are in part social experiment, part apocalypse movie, part sitcom. So, things I have learnt so far: 1.) Instead of doing less work, I am … Continue reading Pandemic Diaries #3