more politics

Our minister of security’s wife is guilty of drug trafficking, I think the concept of “if you can dream it you can be it” got a little confused in politics 101. Yes, we have the best politicians money can buy. Oh, and by the way, wasn’t the Minister of Security living off the proceeds of drug money? I see a move to the Ministry of Health, at least there is practical knowledge in pharmacology. Continue reading more politics

end it all now!

There are moments where I have made the kind of blunder that is so spectacular that embarrassment moves to an altogether higher plane. I have rubbed a growing tummy to discover that it is in fact fat and not a baby, I have shaken the hands of the waiter and ordered a drink from my client, I have pulled a modem out of the wall to prevent a certain email from ever leaving my pc. Some days Alzheimers seems a blessing Continue reading end it all now!

The dreaded Car Guard

Its true. I hate car guards. I don’t get taxed for say, clouds, just because they’re there. And having someone stand behind me in an empty car park waving like a crazy is not something I feel like paying for. Also car guards only mystically appear when I leave; I’m sure if South Africans landed on the moon there would be a car guard waiting for them to blast off, happily directing them as if they fly spaceships. Continue reading The dreaded Car Guard